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DeCirc's custom Big Data solutions can bring game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales in your organization
DeCirc's predictive analytics engine works to identify and prioritize customers with the greatest potential to optimize sales.
Should every visitor to your website be treated the same? DeCirc enables companies to generate super-targeted consumer communications to maximize marketing ROI
DeCircs big-data analytics helped boost retail revenues by accelerating suggestions via social and e-commerce channels.
Bank/ Credit Card company using DeCirc' s big data techniques is offering reports, insights, customer information and forecasts to their merchants.
Using DeCirc' s social engagement engine, two leading mobile operators are testing social delivery of digital content
About us

DeCirc is an social intelligence engine that drives sales through intelligent profiling and recommendations across channels - online and offline.

We identify potential customers on social media who are signaling buying intent, and create a rich customer profile based on their social behavior. We then enable brands to connect to them in real time or offline by providing this rich profile and recommended products across different touchpoints like social, web, retail or customer care. Each touchpoint now has the ability to convert a customer interaction into a sale.

We are a diverse team of folks with strong leadership in technology, marketing and operations with a mix of startup and big enterprise selling experience.

DeCirc is a product from Concerta Dynamics Pvt Ltd, which is privately held and based out of Bangalore, India.

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# 97 & 98, 8th cross, 50' Road,

Celebrity Paradise - Phase - I,

Behind Electronics City Phase I, Bangalore South.

Bangalore - 560 100